Draft Cori for Congress.

Help us draft Cori Bush for Missouri's 1st Congressional District.

It’s good to have allies, and Pastor Cori Bush has always been there as an ally for St. Louis. She was born and raised in the Gateway City. It is where she goes to work every day as a nurse, where she raises her two children, and where she fights for her neighbors’ rights on the frontlines.

Cori would continue to fight for us -- because she is us. She isn’t some DC Democrat who would only come around for elections, then retreat to the Beltway bubble. Cori has seen the school-to-prison pipeline steal the future from so many. She understands that rubber bullets and tear gas can't transform St. Louis for the better -- but affordable health care, education, and good jobs can.

Let’s convince Cori to run for Congress by showing her she has our support.

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