Congress, Fight for Medicare For All!

The political tide has turned on health care. Bernie Sanders became the most popular politician in America fighting for Medicare for all. Paul Ryan just pulled the Republican bill and the GOP has no strategy forward. Nearly two-thirds of all Americans support Medicare for All. America is ready for single-payer. Congress must fight for it NOW.

There is a bill in the House introduced by Rep. John Conyers and Bernie Sanders is set to introduce a similar bill in the Senate. National Nurses United, Justice Democrats, and Brand New Congress are calling on all members of Congress to support these bills. Thanks to this petition, 16 more House Democrats have joined Conyers in calling for Medicare for All, with now 88 House Dems supporting HR 676. Let's get all 194 signed on before Bernie launches his bill in the Senate so we can put the heat on Senate Dems, too!

Add your name below to demand that Congress fight for Medicare for all.

people want Congress to support Medicare for all.