Congress, Fight for Medicare For All!

The Senate has now released their terrifying version of the ACHA. It’s cruel and it’s dangerous -- Republicans want to slash Medicaid and leave 51 million Americans without access to healthcare. Now is the time to push and push hard for Medicare for All. The leadership in the House and the Senate are both playing games with Americans’ lives -- they are holding firm in their commitment to protecting corporate profits over the health of our citizens.

We need your help to add pressure. Help us get to 100,000 signatures by adding your name and sharing the petition. Once we reach that goal we will live stream the hand-delivery of this petition to Nancy Pelosi. That's right, we are going to deliver this petition in person to the Congresswoman's D.C. office.

America has woken up to the cold reality of Paul Ryan's and Mitch McConnell’s vision for health care. Their UnAmerican Health Care Act will, according to the CBO, kick tens of millions of our sickest and poorest citizens off their plans, and lead to skyrocketing premiums for the 51% of Americans with a pre-existing condition. If the ACHA becomes law insurers will once again be able to deny coverage for preexisting conditions and people will die.

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